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  1. The opportunity to be a real military officer, to provide leadership to a small group of enlisted personel, to go through the first two phases of flight school, and to fly in some of the worlds most advanced aircraft (even in the back seat) are all very cool opportunites that are pretty much unique to being a flight surgeon, I've met plenty of experienced flight docs that still speak glowingly of the opportunities they've had. EK Physics 1001- wouldn't particularly recommend unless you really want extra practice.
  2. BTW M3 here, would be interested in seeing your powerpoint if you're willing to share.
  3. (And personally, I think it would be awfully hard for a woman with mental health issues & unresolved trauma to be dedicated enough to show up for her work schedule, and then be in the right mindset to "hustle" aka sell lapdances and champagne rooms during her shift.
  4. Projects can take a lot of your time, a lot of bug fixing. Jon Davis, May 30, 2002, in forum: Pre-Medical Allopathic [ MD ]Most of them you can bring your family - even overseas.
  5. Unfortunately you cannot go through residency without operating. -Do u get interviewed by more than one doctor?
  6. (now im regretting that i applied too much. Rotate at the programs you feel you would like to go to.
  7. Applied: Texas Women's, Midwestern (AZ), Towson (MD), Central Arkansas (UCA), Creighton, Tennessee StateTake a Tropical Medicine Course In Iquitos PeruEspecially for being able to communicate to other groups.
  8. Making connections along the way is another thing. School psych can practice in a sense, but what they do is vastly different than a clinical psychologist.
  9. I think whoever ignores the fact that this is not a "top 10" program and matches here will have ample opportunities to be successful. Choose something you like doing because you need to see volume.
  10. True, but just because people are retiring doesn't mean all of their jobs will open up with the current economic conditions. If I'm not awarded, does my application roll over to next year and receive a priority?
  11. Exactly, currently on your list you have a little "receipt" tab next to each school. Being a competitive applicant for med/peds with low Step1 scores but significant improvement in Year 3/4.
  12. 10th) but I didn't think that they had met after this date...
  13. I was a little bummed out that after busting my butt for almost 3 years I had nothing to show for it except degrees and loan payments coming up, but I didn't let it hinder the big picture of my goal of becoming a dentist and I graduated strong. Apologize for being brutal but this is not love.
  14. Combank is one of the best for the COMLEX. A friend of mine who interviewed in late March two application cycles ago got an acceptance call from USF on May 15th.
  15. No theme, out of the depths of DVMD's mind - DVMD + EscallaDid anyone really know this incoming student on a personal level. Would medical schools care what undergraduate school i went to.
  16. 0 but I feel I relate to A LOT of people on this thread. I have a 3.
  17. What about other fields like psych or rad onc? Mississippi appears to be taking applications now also.
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  • The University of Pennsylvania PM&R Residency Program has an open PGY-3 position available to start in July 2012.
  • I have no research experience/work experience in this field. Status was finally changed to "application is under review"I now have PEI cost of living figures thanks Coquette.
  • I feel like impressions are so deeply colored by priorities that it is prudent to give a little background: I prefer physics research, and value clinical training highly.
  • I could see this happening if this were a joint match. More importanly, it's 60 points lower than my COMSAE score.
  • Definitely plan enough time to arrive to the school early because I happened to arrive a few minutes late to the interview day due to the traffic/road conditions being horrible.
  • This creates a difficult, disempowering, anxiety-provoking and dilemma-prone situation for applicants, who may be interviewed and even receive offers from some programs, while other programs have not yet even contacted them (and, which programs conceivably might be interested in said applicant, and even offer a position after an interview whenever they actually got around to their official process). This is an excellent opportunity for a physician to become part of a growing, progressive practice.
  • Of course, right now even the ones who were told minimal travel are probably in Africa dealing with Ebola.
  • I am new to this forum and would be glad if u could help me!
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  • When we send the GRE scores is it better to send them all or just your best score.
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Discussion in 'Other Subspecialties' started by ferroportin, May 11, 2014. Other than Husain and 2 other attendings, I never worked with any other attending more than once during my month. ETA: Feeling crappy from being on a messed up sleep cycle since beginning MCAT prep last year. During lunch we talked with two MS1s and asked them a few questions. At least you don't have to be in a sports bra with no shirt like us. Can anybody that utilized the student host program comment on how it went. 2 c/s GPA, 29 MCAT, average ECsWell fortunately everyone gets to take the same test. I took the test in the afternoon and at a Prometric center on-campus at my university. Agreed completely, hence why I am a former CVS employeeI've done surgery and medicine so far and I sleep at least 7. Edu/_occe/coresites. Now you've spent 2 days total helping absolutely no one... You don't have a chance with those scores especially since you feel the need to show off to get into a pharm school. I still believe the training more than offsets the financial loss, which in the long run is very slight.

Will update when I get my score back. That being said, as said about by @Law2Doc and @Neuronix have said, you also have to be able to deal with people who may be malignant themselves - an upper level resident, an attending, etc. Second similar case happened with another elderly guy; this resulted in a 'watershed' stroke.

The circumference of the circle described by bug C is 2πr, so every rotation he's travelling about 18 meters. For those who are good in these areas, then you can't just put down some bs research plan and assume you are going to ride your mentor's coattails. 75k per year kinda gives me anxiety so if I'm accepted I'm planning to work as much as I can. I have been in contact with the program since last year and considered Jan. In the early 20th century there were multiple not-for profit schools and multiple for profit schools. And ironically, the research/psychologist I actually worked under and got advice from that told me I should go to Argosy or any other APA accredited school for PsyD,--letters: 2 from Dermatology program chairs/PDs (my away rotations), 1 from another academic Dermatologist, and 1 from my PhD advisor. It's not surprising that our arbitrary rankings on SDN match the ones on Doximity.

As far as your LECOM cons, honestly no school is perfect and LECOM does have a ton of rules.
Dalteparin, Pharm_all_day, nervoushabits and 1 other person like this. I figure it can't hurt to see if there are other programs out there who may like a candidate who has all three steps passed and a year of internship under his belt. 27 MCAT (> and in fact would potentially significantly harm your wife's future regardlessElectrolyte abnormalities and their EKG changes, discussion about SVT and management of wide vs narrow complex (antidromic vs orthodromic). How important is your GPA in pharmacy school. Post by: ksyhe, Sep 24, 2014 in forum: Postbaccalaureate ProgramsIt always makes sense to do a back of the envelope calculation for stuff like that (I'm an excel modeling junkie), that's why there isn't a single blanket statement that can be made about 529s, and each individual situation has to be looked at separately? Duty every week (when averaged over four weeks). And if you want to specialize, probably another time for postdoc.

It takes time and treasure to try to make up for poor grades, and once that letter is set, it will be there for all to see. I felt like I was walking into an expensive, high stakes exam without having prepared for it hardly at all - and that's exactly what happened. I think salary is better in US. Formal didactics are lacking, which is bad for those who learn that way. 4 GPA, hundreds of hours shadowing, worked full time while taking pre-reqs and submitted second batch, but still no interview invite. Now that I have been out of school for a year, it seems impossible to find any professor that can write a strong LOR. These programs where you're the only show in town I think are going to be at least good for clinical training.

  1. If I was five years younger, the answer would be simple: a.
  2. Each program makes a determination on when they are ready to receive supplemental applications. I know the feeling that you are having, being able to shadow awesome physicians and opportunities are opening up.
  3. First Aid NBDE or Kaplan NBDE for Part 1Pay as you Earn Student Loan Repayment Planeven with more schools, foreign trained dentists can get in BUT still must qualify... 7 series looks too similar to 5 series and I can't justify shelling out another K for itNow maybe I was in a particularly.
  4. Physicians who work here generally have experience with epidemiology (most are generalists FP, IM, Pediatrics, etc)TCMC puts on a lot of health fairs and other events through the year. And about the CMU thing, who in the world wants to be the first semester students at a brand new school with no state approval.
  5. Overall, I know that there's China Medical University in Shenyang, Dalian Medical University, and Harbin Medical University that offer an MBBS degree and they are all programs that are taught in English. Also, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.
  6. You finally realized that it was never going to happen and you whip out the victim card, seek sympathy from the interweb, and lament about how she took your money and gave you nothing in return.
  7. This process of elimination is a natural thought process and one you should explore thoroughly when making any important decision. I've never written one, I have no idea where to start.
  8. Discussion in 'Healthcare Improvement' started by Eugenie98, Mar 10, 2009.
  9. Often times an answer will seem very "right" but one aspect of it is clearly wrong, as compared to an answer that isnt wrong, but doesnt seem as right as that answer, these are meant to fool you. I need to learn to brush it off and not let them get to me.
  10. Same here, I feel so unmotivated right now to do anything.
  11. I think I may have screwed myself on this section due to timeLook into four year universities, pick some that seem realistic to you financially that you feel like would be a good fit for both your abilities and your environmental preferences. I suggest that we, the members on this thread be more cordial, rather than pecking at each otherSo far everyone who is looking for jobs has told me that there are tons of jobs out there for both fellowship and non fellowship trained residents.
  12. In the preclinical years, we are assessed according to Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail based solely on our exam performance. Just submitted my first deposit the other dayI would call the school to follow up with them!
  13. We don't really know if this is true or not for "dance therapy. T.